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Prologue: I wrote this for a creative writing contest…the specifications 400-500 words…should contain the words bird flu, Narain Karthikeyan, rang de basanti, should end with like they say “An eye for an eye”
The character in the story is poorly …um purely fictional… it SUX but its my first attempt at fiction
He lives in a strange world, far away from the one he had once known. It was beautiful then… each word uttered was meaningful. Gone are those days when “good morning” came from the heart and was supplemented with a lovely smile. Now they were but two miserable words which lacked emotion, like a portrait by a chained artist. The emotion wants to break free but the creator is weak, for he is in chains, the same chains he once put on himself. He didn’t know it back then ofcourse. He was but innocent, oblivious to the consequences. One single mistake was all it took, and he never got a second chance to change it. It was the greed that did him in. He was young and careless. He chose to erect tall walls, all he needed then was a fortress to protect his treasure. Little did he know that the walls would block the magnificient horizon beyond. Or was he aware? Either way he didn’t care back then.

A vision from the good old days came to his mind in a fleeting invocation of memory. An “18 till i die!!” T-shirt adorned his body. He was at his friend’s house. They were going to watch a movie that fay. He still remembered the name. How could he
not? for it was a massive hit – ‘Rang de basanti’… “Dude what’s with the Narain Karthikeyan poster? He’s such a loser!” “OH cmon he should actually be the F1 champion… he finishes his races before the others are even half way through!” “Dude he retires!!” “oh Po-tah-toes po-tey-toes” “what a PJ!” he laughed nonetheless. The movie was one which he enjoyed. “I’ll be like them someday..I’ll change the world” he told his friends over dinner.No one disagreed, he was talented. “The chicken is heavenly” he said. “yeah, with bird flu around, it might just take you to heaven” “It’s worth dying for dude!!” more laughter. small things used to make him happyHe smiled a lot back then. He was contented. It was then that he met his nemesis – money. Money chain was the first step.(He would realise only later how apt the name was). He made a lot of money. The fact that it was his fellow being’s tears that filled his pocket didn’t seem to bother him one bit. He moved on to other businesses, mostly unethical and illegal. He was on a permanent high and no sky coul limit him. With the money came the vices as well smoke, booze, dope, gals , he had them all, all over the world. The only thing he lost was himself – his smile, his charm and the knowledge that happiness comes from sharing. He no longer slept, he was restless, the more he amassed, the more he wanted…

He sits in front of a mirror, looking at a disheveled, shrunk, ghostly image ofa man. He lifted his hands, they were bloody. He looked down and saw the body he had slain, his own flesh and blood – his own brother. He had become a murderer!!! His face
was expressionless and then from somewhere he heard his brother’s voice “Why?? Why are you doing this??” the sound caused the avalanche… and he cried…cried like a child. After a long time he finally felt human again. In the distance he heard a church bell chime… he saw his mother and himself, a little kid… his mother whispered into his ears…”how much ever you have sinned, however broken you are, look up to God and he will forgive you and take you up n his arms” As his whole life
flashed before him he decided… even if God forgave him , he could never forgive himself. He felt weak and as the knife cut through his flesh he enjoyed the pain. He laughed like a madman… Jungle justice, which once seemed silly to him, was
all he could see…like they say “An eye for an eye”


RAILWoeS – 1

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To my Bro, Aunt Ann (My Mom’s cousin who I met on orkut!!) and all those people who missed my blogs!! I never knew people cared… until I ran into stuff like this…
What happened I don’t see anymore blogs from you?
Is it because
a.) Life is boring (No it’s not for Noty)
b.) Not enough time due to studies (Nah!)
c.) That Frankenstein really scared you (possible)
d.) Will come back with a vengeance (Yeah that’s the spirit!)
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn… I finally woke up after Mom had broken her previous record for the maximum number of efforts to wake me…hanging on to the bed when mom tries to push me off had been my favourite hobby lately. While most of my college mates were headbanging freaks, I was a bedhanging freak!! I was still just stretching when Mom shouted “Breakfast is ready, come fast Dad and I have been waiting for a long time” ‘‘Is it OK if I don’t brush my teeth Mom??”… Intermingled with indeterminate gibberish I made out the words ‘GO BRUSH FAST!! ’

Somewhere in my mouth I could still taste the delicious New Year cake and dinner from last night… It was January 02 2006, I was all set to get back to NITW after one month of parole… It was a reminder that chicks and chicken still live on the planet! I was going back by train as usual, the tickets were not available which meant Dad would have to ask some contact of his to release the emergency quota… that was normal I had done it once… but as luck would have it, wanting to please his boss, Dad’s driver insisted he would get it done using one of his contacts. I had been apprehensive about the whole thing from the very beginning, not only was my ticket at stake but Naveen’s too, but Dad’s reassurances finally led me to believe it could be done.

I picked up the phone to check the ticket status. You know they aren’t kidding when they say the impossible doesn’t exist… With the tastiest breakfast in the world inside me, my stomach felt uneasy!! “DAAAAAAAAD!!!!! THE EQ HASN’T BEEN RELEASED YET!!!!!” Yes it was true the ticket status said waiting list 88 and 89. I think he said something like “Check again it must be some mistake” I wasn’t listening… Dad picked up the phone and I went into a reverie…

Less than a year ago a Pongal mass bunk a couple of crazy friends and an impulsive decision had left me with a permanent fear of general compartments of trains. Well that is what you would call a cock and bull story… um wait no that is not what you call a cock and bull story… Aaaaaaaaargh!!! Whoever said English was a potent language?? What do you call a true incident which involves a cock and a bull?? Well that’s what it was… To cut a long story short the four and a half hours from Warangal to Vijayawada in the LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT (there was no place in the general compartment) was the most comfortable part of the journey to Chennai. I mean look at all the benefits… I actually got to sit and found that I should always thank God that I was well off unlike my fellow passengers who could afford only one bath a year and a farmer’s cock, um may be I should say rooster (sigh! We live in a bad bad world!!), gave my jeans a trendy cut make that cuts and the bull in the corner of the luggage compartment smiled at me all along telling me that the world was trouble free… Forgive me for not telling you what happened after that… I pulled out of the reverie at that point I really wanted the chicken from the breakfast to stay where it was…

I looked at Dad and I knew… my fears had come true… Dad said “May be they update it only at the station” “I sure hope so Dad!!”… We proceeded to the station with Mom after I bid farewell to Nibbles III (That’s the pillow I hug… Hey what is that expression for?? Pillows are fluffy!! If you are wondering why Nibbles “III”… well Nibbles lost his viscera…Nibbles II was kidnapped by Mom…) Frantic checking of the list on the train didn’t lift my spirits one bit… all I found out was Mallu parents had some obsession with the syllable JO…may be they had some tie up with the stork… I mean Jijo, Jojo, Majo, Rijo, Bijo, Lijo, Sijo, Ajo, Tijo, Fijo and a lot more JOs passed by but no sign of my name!!

Options were analyzed, TTEs were met, decisions were made. The TTE said I would get a berth till Gudur (the train was supposed to reach there at 3:00 AM). Going by Indian train standards I hoped that could be stretched to 5:00. The most awesome thing about Ernakulam Town railway station is that it is quite short. The place where Mom was standing with my heavy bag and where Dad was with the TTE is separated by just around 150 meters. The train was scheduled to leave in two minutes. If those Guinness book people were around you are looking at a record holder. But they weren’t so I have to write to tell you people! Obstacles were many of course- a bag packed with Mom’s love, untied shoe laces, lots of passengers, but in the end I made it with time to spare.

As I got in Dad and the TTE were putting the finishing touches on their deal. Dad whispered “Don’t pay him more than 100 per person”. He got down and I waved. Lines from a speech I had made not more than a month ago came rushing to my mind in a fleeting reinvocation of memory. It was about the citizen’s role in fighting corruption. My own words echoed in my ear as I turned to the TTE with my wallet “The cancer of corruption has been given enough radiations over the years by simple people like you and I, who stood up, fought it and contained it so that today we at least exist here to think about it……. If each man cleans up his own yard the rest of the world will take care of itself” “How much sir?” I asked “200”…