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Istanbul Revisited – Total deja vu

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No I never went to Turkey, its just a modest attempt at trying to be a sports journalist. I wanted to become a presenter till i was made painfully aware of my “horrible mallu accent” 😦 so here goes nothin…
The average football fan, who happened to miss the 125th FA Cup final between Liverpool and West Ham United wouldn’t be surprised if he was told that Liverpool were crowned champions. But the title of this post would be enough to tell him that he had missed a real classic. Who could forget that night in Istanbul about the same time last year when Liverpool won the finals of the champions’ league against AC Milan – A story that truly deserved the status of a fairy tale. For the ignorant, Liverpool beat a Milan side, who were leading by 3 goals to nil after 53 minutes. As described by the Milan manager 6 minutes of madness saw Liverpool draw level at the end of the hour mark, pulling back 3 goals. The game was pushed into extra time and subsequently into the dreaded penalty shootout were the Liverpool goal keeper Jerzy Dudek made himself a hero and Liverpool were crowned champions of Europe in the most extraordinary fashion.

No one would have ever dared to predict a close FA cup final this time around with the in form Liverpool expected to beat the Hammers by many goals. But as has been the case with Liverpool in recent cup finals, the truth is undoubtedly stranger than the wildest fiction. While the omens seemed to favour Liverpool that day in Istanbul, even Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist would have had a tough time deciphering the ones at The Millennium with fortunes swinging one way this moment and the other way the next. As Andrew Leci aptly summed it up at the end of 90 minutes “If you have just joined us on star sports, where on earth have you been!”
The atmosphere at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff was nothing short of electric but the first 20 minutes of the match was rather uneventful. And then suddenly the game came alive with Ashton’s pass finding Lionel Scaloni, who had made a brilliant run on the right wing. The Argentine defender’s low driven cross was put into the back of the Liverpool net by Jamie Carragher rather unfortunately. West Ham were leading Liverpool by a goal!! Who would have predicted that at the end of 20 minutes?
An own goal in the finals of the FA cup is not something you want to remember for long, but it appeared Jamie would be haunted by it for a long time as seven minutes later Ashton found the back of the Liverpool net again as Etherington who twisted and turned efficiently to dodge three Liverpool defenders and got a shot on target. It had no real power on it but Reina fumbled giving Ashton, whose predatorial instincts showed, the simple job of stabbing the ball into the net with his right foot. Two Liverpool players wishing they were dead now, the hammers were ahead by 2-0 and most betters were pulling their hair out.

Was that to be Liverpool’s wake up call? It certainly seemed so although the luck seemed to be going against them. As a fabulous ball from the midfield found Peter Crouch, who finished efficiently, but the linesman played party pooper. The captain Steven Gerrard seemed to be in inspired form, playing in the middle of midfield rather than on the right, and it was his lovely, measured ball that put Liverpool back in the game. Djibril Cisse who may have a funny hairstyle and weird shoes ( He was wearing a red shoe on one leg and a silver one on the other, and a pair of fluorescent yellow shoes in the second half!) showed why he is indeed a great footballer. A perfectly timed low struck volley gave Shaka Hislop no chance. Liverpool were back in it now, 2-1 the score. That’s how it finished at the end of the first half with the hammers still overjoyed.

West ham continued to play positive football after the break and had quite a few close chances. But when west ham captain Reo-Coker fouled Riise in the 52nd minute, Liverpool pushed many forward and a cross from Alonso, who was deemed fit to play in the morning, was headed back in to the centre of the penalty box by Sami Hyypia. The ball bounced well for Steven Gerrard who was in acres of space inside the box and the result as usual was a goal for Liverpool, the hammers’ goal keeper was nowhere close to the England international’s scorching shot. 2-2 the score, Liverpool back level.

The drama wouldn’t end there as 10 minutes later, Paul Konchesky was on the left wing for west ham and his intended cross sailed into the top right corner of the Liverpool goal, Reina the culprit again – totally misjudging the ball. The hammers were back in front and seemed well on their way to victory until the 90th minute, when a sporting west ham player put the ball out close to his goal as Cisse had gone down with what appeared to be a hamstring strain. Both managers had used their quota of subs and Cisse had no choice but to carry on.

The subsequent throw in for Liverpool was taken and the ball was given back to west ham in fairplay. The west ham defender’s clearance was met with a header by Danny Gabbidson. The announcer in the stadium was midway through “There will be a minimum of four minutes….” When Gabbidsons header fell at Gerrard’s feet. Cometh the hour, Cometh the man they say. And Gerrard did just that. The Liverpool captain’s screaming shot from 30 yards out went through a crowd of players and into the bottom left corner of the west ham goal.

The game would go into extra time with players undoubtedly tired from 90 minutes of scintillating football played at an unbelievable pace. Cisse seemed to be in agony , Marlon Harewood twisted his left ankle but carried on bravely. The first period of the extra time was uneventful with the best chances falling to Riise and Hyypia both shots sailed wide off the mark. Then in the 118th minute, west ham had a great chance with a free kick as Bobby Zamora was brought down on the left wing. The free kick was taken and who was to be at the end of it but west ham’s captian Reo-Coker -A great header that seemed destined for goal until Reina decided it was time to turn from blunder boy to wonder boy, His slight touch deflecting the ball on to the post. The clearance from Hyypia was only as far as an injured Harewood in the penalty box but his shot was off target. Two missed chances foe the hammers in virtually the last minute.

The game moved into the dreaded penalty shootout with Reina emerging the hero for Liverpool- Pulling three fine saves- A cruel way to end a final that both teams deserved to win. But as the saying goes “That’s the way the ball bounces”. Liverpool were champions again. The Man of the Match, undoubtedly, Steven Gerrard.



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Prologue: I wrote this for a creative writing contest…the specifications 400-500 words…should contain the words bird flu, Narain Karthikeyan, rang de basanti, should end with like they say “An eye for an eye”
The character in the story is poorly …um purely fictional… it SUX but its my first attempt at fiction
He lives in a strange world, far away from the one he had once known. It was beautiful then… each word uttered was meaningful. Gone are those days when “good morning” came from the heart and was supplemented with a lovely smile. Now they were but two miserable words which lacked emotion, like a portrait by a chained artist. The emotion wants to break free but the creator is weak, for he is in chains, the same chains he once put on himself. He didn’t know it back then ofcourse. He was but innocent, oblivious to the consequences. One single mistake was all it took, and he never got a second chance to change it. It was the greed that did him in. He was young and careless. He chose to erect tall walls, all he needed then was a fortress to protect his treasure. Little did he know that the walls would block the magnificient horizon beyond. Or was he aware? Either way he didn’t care back then.

A vision from the good old days came to his mind in a fleeting invocation of memory. An “18 till i die!!” T-shirt adorned his body. He was at his friend’s house. They were going to watch a movie that fay. He still remembered the name. How could he
not? for it was a massive hit – ‘Rang de basanti’… “Dude what’s with the Narain Karthikeyan poster? He’s such a loser!” “OH cmon he should actually be the F1 champion… he finishes his races before the others are even half way through!” “Dude he retires!!” “oh Po-tah-toes po-tey-toes” “what a PJ!” he laughed nonetheless. The movie was one which he enjoyed. “I’ll be like them someday..I’ll change the world” he told his friends over dinner.No one disagreed, he was talented. “The chicken is heavenly” he said. “yeah, with bird flu around, it might just take you to heaven” “It’s worth dying for dude!!” more laughter. small things used to make him happyHe smiled a lot back then. He was contented. It was then that he met his nemesis – money. Money chain was the first step.(He would realise only later how apt the name was). He made a lot of money. The fact that it was his fellow being’s tears that filled his pocket didn’t seem to bother him one bit. He moved on to other businesses, mostly unethical and illegal. He was on a permanent high and no sky coul limit him. With the money came the vices as well smoke, booze, dope, gals , he had them all, all over the world. The only thing he lost was himself – his smile, his charm and the knowledge that happiness comes from sharing. He no longer slept, he was restless, the more he amassed, the more he wanted…

He sits in front of a mirror, looking at a disheveled, shrunk, ghostly image ofa man. He lifted his hands, they were bloody. He looked down and saw the body he had slain, his own flesh and blood – his own brother. He had become a murderer!!! His face
was expressionless and then from somewhere he heard his brother’s voice “Why?? Why are you doing this??” the sound caused the avalanche… and he cried…cried like a child. After a long time he finally felt human again. In the distance he heard a church bell chime… he saw his mother and himself, a little kid… his mother whispered into his ears…”how much ever you have sinned, however broken you are, look up to God and he will forgive you and take you up n his arms” As his whole life
flashed before him he decided… even if God forgave him , he could never forgive himself. He felt weak and as the knife cut through his flesh he enjoyed the pain. He laughed like a madman… Jungle justice, which once seemed silly to him, was
all he could see…like they say “An eye for an eye”


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This is a poem i worte in my 12th ……. hope all of u hv a GRT NEW YEAR

Gone by has yet another year

Leaving behind memories here

Love laughter and a lot of cheers

and in between some tears

Ribbon – tied and gift wrapped

Until now life has been

Never any threat of getting trapped

The path was paved and clean

The time has come now for us to choose

We are at the dreaded crossroads

No more time to rest or snooze

Or get weighed down by the gross loads

Never should you choose with haste

Coz once is all you’ll get

Remember to follow your taste

Then you won’t ever regret

Entrenched you are in my heart

as deep as deep can be

may fate never tear us apart…..

you are special to me

Why?? coz when a friend like you, really rare

stands along by my side

life is without a single care

it’s a merry and joyful ride

Year 2006 unfolds

with a bit of gloom and gleam

and all the air a stillness holds

with the promise of many an unfinished dream

Everything lovely and nice

is wished to you this year

may it be filled with fun and spice

and joy with near and dear

All good things should come to an end

but our friendship – never my friend

etched in my mind will be you

always as fresh as morning dew

Rejoice celebrate and enjoy

Live your life full of zest

May you cry out “my shore ahoy”

I wish you all the best


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tonysebastianmccool: hey u got a min?
sreejith_3885: may b y?
tonysebastianmccool: um I jus updated my blog
sreejith_3885: so u wan me to read it?
tonysebastianmccool: well if it wudn b too much truble 😀
sreejith_3885: oh ok stop beggin n gimme the link

Yeah! So I had succeeded in leading the sucker to my blog. It is very difficult for a blogger to survive without feedback n comments (at least for me that is!) and even more so if you are in NITW. Well Sreejith is this senior of mine who never hesitates to read stuff and let you know exactly what he thinks of it, you know the types who never mince their words…. FRANKenstein I like to call him… yup the truth can be a monster!

So anyway the post referred to above is the one directly below this…for once I had decided – may be I’ll try to be a lil “funny”… considering the fact that it had taken me very lil time to write it, I loved it. And at the end of the process u cud say I was beaming… I know for sure bcoz the power failed and my grinning teeth was the star light that led my wise mom to me (well just a lil xmas hang over…hope u get the drift). Well where were we…. Yeah so sreejith was reading the post at the moment and I honestly couldn’t wait for a nice compliment….but like I said FRANKenstein might think other wise so u cud say I was a lil anxious

3 bitten off nails and 6 LOLs later

sreejith_3885: crap!
tonysebastianmccool: huh wat? Wat r u talking abt? (optimism never dies!!)
sreejith_3885: ur post on the blog u ass…its totally crappy…u start of with something n go on to totally unrelated things…

To say I was shocked would be the best nominee for the understatement of the year so far… n with just 3 days left in the year it would be a firm favourite with the bookies!! I nearly fell off my chair n I could hear my heart thud (no wait that was just the noisy kid upstairs with his drum)… but surely my knees went weak and the table was subjected to a huge horizontal force (or was it vertical?? oh who cares!!)

tonysebastianmccool: waddaya mean?? (Here I pasted a few sentences that I thought had connected everything)
sreejith_3885: oh but I hardly noticed it… jus gave it a quick read
tonysebastianmccool: oh ok but u stil think its crappy?
sreejith_3885: yup very much

I wanted to ask him “u aint pullin ma leg r ya?” but I knew the reply would b something similar to what Aunt Dahlia would tell Bertie Wooster…. “I hv no intentions of coming anywhere close to that beastly leg of urs!!”. Hope you understand what I’m trying to put across… the affection he has for me is on similar terms with that of an Aunt n nephew…naa not really… I jus added that coz Sreejith is a bit muscular n I’m not and both of us will be in NITW when he is reading this …The pen may be mightier than the sword but the wise guy who made it forgot to mention the sword (or a muscular arm) can hurt pretty bad… Ouch! (experience is a good teacher alright!! )So if you happen to be in the vicinity of NITW next week feel free to walk into room no: 6-2-5 where you’ll probably find this “running” conversation “Hey y r u chasing me? I made u famous sree the world knows u now!!” “yeah I just wanna thank you…I wanna shake your throat!!”

Well the IM window had to be closed quickly I couldn’t stand anymore of this senseless thrashing…Shattered and defeated I managed a quick gtg n bye… I mean I had influenced a couple of ppl and made them start blogging…when they said the idea was something like “if tony can blog anyone can blog” I honestly thought they were kidding …. I sat down to read it again… it all seemed pretty well connected to me n I thought perhaps sree was the only person who would think so… but then came “SPITFIRE” Reshmi Nair and a great fan of my writing skills(don’t ask me why… I hear she is blind…sshhhh!!) and close friend Srav…Their verdict was rather similar of corz they said it was funny all the same…You know girls have a way of sugar coating things….its like a sumptuous feast before the execution…. Well three ppl couldn’t lie at the same time unless there was some conspiracy going on. I don’t think I am that significant to be conspired against, so may be there was something in what they said…

So I re-read it…still I didn’t want to accept I had failed… if their point was that the message was unclear, wasn’t that a bit unfair…. I mean some writings are just meant to be funny P.G Wodehouse for example and others are meant to carry messages… when you try to combine the two, what you get is probably something like Chetan Bhagat’s one night @ the call centre…. I believe his mistake was in combining the two… so being blessed with ahem superior intellect and better analytical faculty I had decided it would just be a funny piece… may be I was wrong and this piece is perhaps another experiment…

So what ensures a successful piece of writing?? Honestly I have no idea…enlighten me wise ppl…oh that’s new!! I never knew my blog profile had a random question…. Curious? Well it reads “If your hand had been turned into a rubber stamp what would it say?” awesome! Even blogspot wants me to stop writing…hmmm I guess the stamp would say “keep smiling n stay happy coz I cant write anymore!” but I ain’t quitting until my hand becomes a rubber stamp 😛

PS: Don’t hesitate to be frank with your comments… I like ‘em that way and sree no abusive words allowed on my blog 😛 …so feel free to be frank and point out my flaws… I hope I haven’t made the same mistake again

“Never make the same mistake twice…. There are so many new ones to make!!!”

Keep smiling… cheerio 😀

18 till I die!!

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What? You mean you actually bought that book for 80 bucks???” Dad asked and somehow his voice didn’t sound calm. “Um, yeah Dad. Why?” I asked rather defensively. It was the first ever fiction book I had bought in my life… a copy of Chetan Bhagat’s latest book – one night @ the call centre. “How could you spend so much cash on a useless book? You would get that book for 20 bucks. You can spend cash but don’t waste it! “ he said dismissively. 20 bucks??? Dad the book wasn’t written by me!! I had been so happy with buying this book for 80 bucks (the actual MRP is 95) especially when a friend of mine said 300 pages of Chetan Bhagat’s latest is a steal.. Besides everything cost so much these days. For example a Warangal’s pathetic excuse for a chicken burger (if the guy who made the first chicken burger saw it he would commit suicide!) which had been a daily expense cost 15 bucks. Or think about this – after buying the book I actually paid 40 bucks (well 100 if you add the pizza and the soft drink thankfully I don’t have a girl friend so yeah just 100 you could say) to watch 3 hours of tripe (Neal and Nikki for the ignorant)…now THAT was a waste of cash… I mean the whole movie is so horrible and to cap it all they don’t even know how to smooch properly! But I don’t think Dad was in any mood for evaluating the pros and cons of the Warangal chicken burger or how bad the smooching in Neal and Nikki is …“Alright Dad, I’m sorry” I said in the sweetest possible tone and relocated myself to more favourable coordinates. I felt it was a great buy… The reason I bought the book was two fold. One – I had read Chetan Bhagat’s first book ‘Five Point Someone’ and somehow got an idea that I was a bit like the author myself (well at least my GPA was! ) and two – I had never bought a book before and I thought as a lover of the skill of writing, it was about time I paid my tributes.

Anyway back to the point… its not like my Dad is a monster or anything on the contrary he is a pretty cool guy (except for the times his ideas strike me as weird!). I guess it’s just the generation gap or something… I mean come to think of it most people are affected by the same syndrome. Just yesterday two of my Dad’s colleagues were discussing some article written by another colleague in their newsletter. They were talking about it as if it was worse than this very blog (I know its tough but try and imagine the magnitude!!). Just then a third person walked into the room “Aah Mr.Radhakrishnan we were just discussing your article…Excellent I must say” said one of the two “yeah solid points presented in a crisp manner” the other agreed. Boy!! I walked out of the room only some fresh air could help at this juncture. Just two minutes back they were unanimously degrading the article as the worst piece of crap ever written and now… This level of double standards and spite cannot be achieved even if the contents of gossip@NITW were magnified a 1000 times!!!!

Sunday morning came and so did a mass at my hometown church in a long time. Mom and I were walking back with a neighbour (Dad and the other lady’s husband went somewhere). I was totally bored and was scanning the vicinity for chicks (only because I am fascinated by the “why did the chicken cross the road?” question and I feel the way to get to the bottom of the mystery is by watching chicks…after all they say catch ‘em young 😉 ) But 8 Am in the city of Cochin is the wrong place at the wrong time! So I had to listen to the mindless gossip that was shared and the topic inevitably shifted to marriages of relatives. I had had my share of pondering the wisdom of arranged marriages. It was totally weird that these people actually got married to total strangers! But I have recently come to the conclusion that it is actually good because even I will end up with a gal!! Well anyway our neighbour was saying ‘yeah the girl is the calm type you have seen her right?’ ‘yeah she’s beautiful’ mom agreed. ‘how about the groom?’ ‘He is quite good. Has a good job…and he is well settled. But we are not sure whether we should fix it yet’ ‘oh is that so? Why?’ Mom enquired ‘well he has got slightly thick lips’. ‘WHAT?’ Mom exclaimed… yeah way to go mom! Tell her there are more important things than thick lips. Man how shallow could people get!! What was the big deal with thick lips? I even thought they were sexy…at least Angelina Jolie is. oooooooh!! Oops sorry people just got carried away… anyways at least my Mom wasn’t that shallow…she was about to give our neighbour a piece of her mind ‘WHAT??’ mom repeated ‘how can you even think about a marriage if the groom has thick lips??’ she added. ‘HUH??’ the word escaped my mouth involuntarily mom looked at me….’thick lips? Eeeew yuck!!!’ I said. I must stop here because I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and a voice which tells me I might just stay a bachelor for life!! But you get the point of this article right? Generation gap and all that sort of rot…carry on people but I must sit down for a few moments and lament (sob sob!)… Oh before you go…I must make you laugh at least once…

“Middle age is when your broad mind and narrow waist line exchange their places”-unknown

Bye people, rock on!!

If u can’t beat em join em??

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I was on my way to the mess yesterday evening… a walk which is not exactly cherished…and each time I go in there the only thought is how appropriate its name is… but like someone said “An army marches on its stomach” I don’t have much of a stomach now and everyone keeps reminding me how thin I am and stuff and I certainly didn’t want to face Mom’s wrath over the phone.. so anyways the point is I hate mess food but I went in all the same. one quick look at my work (a poster I had made earlier that day for the Literary And Debating club about its scrabble competition) would put me in a cheerful mood…. I was quite sure about that…. But it was not meant to be… For lying down on the floor intentionally torn off by someone was my precious poster!!! Alright it took me just one FRF lecture, in which I was anyway looking for something to do, to make it and a little more time to go around putting them up in various messes. But I was totally enraged by the prePOSTERous action if you will…”No problem” I thought and stuck it with some glue I retrieved from my room….

I won’t exactly say mess provides food for thought, but there was no one around to talk to and thoughts were always a good way of taking my mind off the sorry excuse for food in front of me… I started wondering… why would anyone tear my poster off the wall?? Hmmm perhaps the answer to that was rather obvious.. The sad sicko did it simply because he didn’t make it!!

Thinking from a neutral perspective my analytical mind considered… Would I care to glance at or think twice about a poster made by someone else?? There was only one possible answer not really… I would never even think of the effort the guy took to put it up there!! Although I wouldn’t tear it off I wouldn’t appereciate it either…. is that the basic law of nature?? Is man so selfish? It is plainly evident, though some people would like to think differently, that each person wishes the world revolved around him… Each person wishes he would be appereciated…. but do we actually appereciate another person… or would we even pay attentio to others?? I could say yes but then it might take some effort.. coz right at this very moment I’m actually writing this in class where the prof is shouting out loud something which I don’t bother to listen to… It is ofcourse really boring and something that won’t help me in life beyond this sem. But what if I were the prof??? I don’t think it wud be any fun to know that one of my students was not paying the slightest of attention.

When I was in school I had many oppotunities to make speeches. Although it was almost always something written by my Dad which I learned by-heart and presented with an artificial accent, it was a wonderful feeling to be appereciated by the teachers and my friends, with what i hope were sincere compliments… But have I ever listened to a chief guest’s speech at any function?? Yes, but again a difficult one… not unless he was very interesting… Was I ever justified in thinking that people would listen to me? No should be the logical answer…

Iam talking about all this but how can I expect anyone to be reading this word? I do read other people’s blogs… but is that because they are wise enough to keep a blog article to around 500 words?? Are you wondering how many words you have read so far??This is the 600th word!!!
Back to where we were… I’m actually just back from the mess again and yes… again my poster has been mercilessly torn off and no piece of my proud creation exists near by… I guess there is nothing I can do except pehaps a Mark Antony- “Mischief thou art afoot take what course thou wilt”… so may be I ahould get used to the world with selfish and hypocrtic people who make unsincere comments and do not regard another man’s feelings.. I don’t exactly know what Shakespeare meant when he said ‘All the world’s a stage and all people mere players” (I don’t remember the rest of it) But if he is referring to the large scale puppet show that goes on, I guess Iam fully with him.. but then Do I join em if I can’t beat em???oh wait am I not already with them??

GOD – The simple obvious answer!!

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Two weeks ago, I was in Hyderabad with an old schoolmate of mine. Among the fun and frolic , glitz and glamour, dust and din , a moment to talk was rather hard to come by…. When it finally did , we found ourselves talking about the good ol’ days , the wonderful memories were sweet and painful…Two years ago, even JK Rowling couldn’t have imagined this rendezvous. Vinu was now working with HSBC in Hyderabad and I was doing my Btech in Metallurgical and Materials Engg (MME) from NIT Warangal. Then he asked me a question which was perhaps played in my mind 10 times a day… He asked me “You had the best engg colleges in Cochin welcoming you with open arms, with branches of your choice…. You had a definite aptitude for maths and coding at school…. Now you are doin MME in NITW and your mom and dad are alone at home…WHY NITW??” I merely smiled weakly and shrugged.

But this question, perhaps the most important one in my life so far , must have a better answer than a smile and a shrug….surely!! I who swore a million times in Std XII that I would never again in my life touch anything even remotely related to chemistry, ended up choosing MME at NITW – a subject which I am least interested in , with almost nil job prospects and a million other downsides to it…. It set me thinking…. The WHY was an unanswerable question…. or was it?? The events that led to my ending up at NITW (refer an adventurous admission) could definitely not have been a mere string of coincidences! The answer was simple… and obvious… how could I have ever missed it?? It was all part of GOD’s plan for me…. A quiet moment of recollection and reflection was all it took for me to find that simple and elementary answer – GOD
The “quiet moment” referred to above presented itself on the train journey back to Warangal and it gave me enough time to think back further…. How I had changed from a prize winning kid in catechism to an altar boy……and now surprisingly a mediocre man with not enough faith… the past definitely was better…there weren’t many uncertainties…I just trusted fully and was happy and contented….but now….. It is amazing how this transition is one which affects most people as life progresses…. As one is more “enlightened” he thinks it is fashionable to think that God could never exist….

But isn’t that the greatest ever irony?? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?? For how could one possibly miss God’s hands in love and life, in the dead and decayed, in every single moment of one’s existence?? Men and women, who stare in amazement at man’s wonderful creations and gape in awe, people like us, ‘enlightened minds’ who continue to be surprised and delighted at the latest scientific discoveries…who scream with joy and admiration at how something as small as a nanometre could do so many great things and praise man’s superior intellect find it difficult to accept and understand (or perhaps are too ashamed to admit there exists) a much greater power than himself… Is it so difficult for us to imagine a greater power which designed the whole universe, the planets, the sun, the stars, the living beings, the oceans, the landscapes AND the human intellect? That would definitely be the greatest ever irony!! If the reasoning is that such a power – a God is beyond our reasoning and understanding; wouldn’t that very reasoning be the answer to the question?? THE POWER – GOD IS TOO GREAT TO BE CONTAINED IN OUR MERE BRAINS AND THAT IS PRECISELY WHY HE IS GOD!!!

Who is the enlightened man…. One who thinks the greatest entity is the human brain which can reason and analyse and create wonderful things but can be destroyed by a mere bullet (or much lesser) or the one who believes in the creator of nature, a power beyond destruction, a righteous and ever loving father who guides us along and plots and plans our paths, who is there at every step of life to advice you, warn you and wrap you in his arms , hold you tight and say I love you?? The answer is simple and obvious…..but wait …am I getting a bit too romantic here?? No definitely not… if you would take a moment, a break from the mad rat race and listen to your heart, this voice cannot be missed!!

As kids, we all believed in Santa Claus – a fat man, in a red dress, with a white beard who gave everyone Christmas presents. The bliss we enjoyed was tremendous…. But soon we realised that Santa was not real…. There was no fatherly person who gave us presents and let us sit on his lap and listened to us… It was just a story…. Or was it??? The same Santa who brought us so much cheer in our childhood, who would physically let us sit on his lap and fondle us, who would whisper in our ears loving words of hope and wisdom exists as we grow up as well, but as we grow up so does Santa…. He is no longer physically present but still very much there in our hearts when we need him. He does not just come for Christmas, he is there always. The eternal Santa Claus – GOD our loving father who gives us all presents at every instant of our precious lives!! We would still enjoy the wonderful bliss, if only we were ready to accept it.

And when we do accept it, when we trust in the greatest ever power, when we have enough faith, life suddenly seems more meaningful, everything falls in place, all WHYs seem to vanish forever an instils us with courage, vigour, peace, love and hope….and like David – The Psalmist we would shout out loud “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”.